Behind the Scenes: Welcome to the Team Jacob!

Behind the Scenes: Welcome to the Team Jacob!13 Dec 2023

Around SD European you may hear the name Jake (Jacob’s nickname here) being tossed around, he is our new go to man for all things technical and is an integral part of our team lending a hand at either location when the job needs to get done.

Officially we would like to introduce Jacob
our CTO - Chief Technical Officer.

We first crossed paths with Jake in 2013 when SD European was expanding its team of auto technicians. With X years of industry experience, Jake quickly became a valued member, fostering strong friendships within the team. However, driven by a passion for technology, Jake decided to further his skillset after three years with us, pursuing a BCMS (Bachelor of Computing and Mathematical Sciences).
During his academic journey, working for a company writing intrusion detector and prevention software for industrial networks Jake continued his relationship with the SD European team doing some contract work within the area of diagnostics, re-programming, coding and immobiliser synchronisation.
As the world often comes in full circle after many discussions about the role Jake could play at SD european we are pleased to welcome him back into the team. When asked about his return, Jake shared, “It’s the work environment; the team is awesome, and I like creating things, to see how it works and modify it to make it better. This opportunity gives me the scope to further my skillset, building new integration software and dive into some of my passions such as performance tuning

We're delighted to have you back in the team and look forward to taking SD European to the next level with your expertise as you work behind the scenes (p.s. you’ve already been a huge help to the guys with the big move).
Welcome back, Jake!