From European Car Parts to Supporting Youth Development at SD European

From European Car Parts to Supporting Youth Development at SD European8 Aug 2023

At SD European, we understand the profound impact of independence and freedom that cars bring to young individuals in New Zealand as they grow up and acquire their driver's licenses. Just as International Youth Day, celebrated on the 12th of August each year, promotes the empowerment of young people, and encourages their active engagement in society, we too are dedicated to fostering youth development and growth.

We provide a range of opportunities for skill development and training, including Automotive engineering courses, Parts courses, upskilling, and apprenticeships, enabling young talents like Corey to embark on a journey of personal and professional development. Corey's story exemplifies the potential for advancement within our organisation. Starting with us six years ago after school, he sought experience in the industry. While taking on various tasks and learning the dispatch role, Corey demonstrated his desire to learn and grow.

Through his hard work and dedication, Corey eventually moved into a parts advisor role, where he became a qualified advisor, completed his New Zealand Certificate in Business (First Line Management), and now serves as a Senior Parts Advisor, leading, motivating, and mentoring the team. We take immense pride in his journey, and it resonates with our commitment to supporting young talents in reaching their full potential and achieving their career aspirations.

In alignment with the spirit of International Youth Day, we believe in empowering and nurturing the youth, providing them with opportunities to explore the world with newfound independence, much like the privilege of driving a car.

Our mission is to continue supporting young individuals like Corey as they carve their paths to success. Together, we celebrate youth development and the positive impact they bring to our organisation and society as a whole.