Meet Mathys, our car enthusiast joining the team at SD european

Meet Mathys, our car enthusiast joining the team at SD european11 Oct 2023

Mathys' journey with cars began in South Africa, where he was immersed in the world of automobiles, thanks to his dad's influence. His early exposure sparked a passion for cars and motorsport and he kickstarted his career with an apprenticeship at BMW. His skills expanded into fabricating, aluminium welding, and car wiring. Later, owning his own workshop, he did everything from managing fleets to honing his craft of building race cars from scratch for various customers. A highlight was when he had the opportunity to work on Ken Blocks car giving it optimum performance for the gymkhana grid in 2017.

Now, living in New Zealand Mathys has brought his exceptional automotive talents to us here at SD European. His knowledge in performance tuning has not gone unnoticed, while at home he is busy building a BMW E36 drift car. (BMW is his all-time favourite car brand)

His key takeaway:
"Cars can't talk; as an auto technician you need to be highly qualified to find and fix faults."

Mathys’ passion and expertise make him an invaluable asset within our team. We're excited to have him on board, and we can't wait to witness his automotive talents in action!