Car Suspension and Steering

If you have noticed your car is handling poorly, it could indicate a problem with your shock absorbers or worn suspension system.

Is your car making noises under the car when braking or turning on corners?

Does your car feel like floating and unstable after going over a road bump or hump?

Having trouble bringing your vehicle to a stop?

Shock absorbers are one of your vehicles most important safety items which are not normally physically tested on a WOF.
They can also be the cause of poor braking possibly causing serious damage to your vehicle.

We recommend that these be thoroughly checked to avoid serious issues.

Is your vehicle not as responsive when turning corners as it was once or it sometimes locks up?

Modern cars have either hydraulic steering systems or electronic systems.
Both can have possible issues so be aware of any uncharacteristic faults that are occurring and contact us here at SD european for our expert advise.
Our technicians are well trained at diagnosing and rectifying any issue that may occur.

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