Staff Benefits

Family is one of our values at SD European, and we live up to it. On Fridays, our team finishes work at 4:30 p.m. to spend more time with their families. SD European has a great team environment, a competitive remuneration package, specialist equipment provided for training, employer Kiwi Saver contributions, along with additional benefits of on-going training courses and social events! Our staff also receives a little something on Christmas and their birthdays!


Quarterly bonuses are common in most departments at SD European. SD recognises and rewards employees who achieve specified organisational goals. In addition, we reward employees who demonstrate our values via their work. We have one monthly staff member who we honor and praise for their work.

SD European is continuously seeking talented individuals to join our team.If you are referred to SD European by one of our employees and have never applied for a position with us, we will pay you and the employee $500 (incl. tax) referral bonus after your first three months of successful work with us.

Well Being image

SD European strives to create a healthy and pleasant work environment that allows our workers to feel more engaged and productive, healthier and happier. We have a partnership with MTA, which provides employee assistance programmes to help employees with their overall well-being.

Tylers Achievements

SD European is committed to your professional growth and development. We offer possibilities for skill development and training. Tyler's progression at SD European is depicted in the photo above, he began as an apprentice. He gradually worked his way up to take on the foreman role at our service centre.


At SD, you can enjoy the benefits of Boost, an exclusive employee benefits programme that provides you with special deals and discounts from some of New Zealand's most popular brands and stores. It's free to use and simple to access offers with the Boost App and website, or with a special Boost members card that you can use in store or online.

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