First Week of Our New Service Centre

First Week of Our New Service Centre26 Mar 2020

So things are a little crazy at the moment and we've obviously had to close the doors to our new service centre after just 1 week!

It's sad to have to shut the doors so soon, but it's obviously for the greater good and we've had a good test run for the next re-opening in 4 weeks time.

The move-in went great, and we think (slightly biased) that the place is looking great! Thanks to all of you who have come in to say hi, check it out and enjoy a coffee with us :) . For those who haven't had a chance to check it out yet, here's some pics of what we've been up to. Enjoy :)

inside service centre
Jam packed with cars for the 4 week long break.

service centre out front
Several of our courtesy cars, looking nice and sign-written up recently by Burgeon Signs.

Mercedes workshop hamilton
Mercedes Benz off to a good start.

parking at service centre
Plenty of parking out the back too!

inside reception service centre
Really happy with how the new office/reception area turned out!

coffee machine hamilton
If you pop in, you've gotta try our Jura coffee machine! It's ace.

bmw wheel alignment machine
Quick run down of the new Hunter Elite wheel alignment machine!