Now Accepting Afterpay!

Now Accepting Afterpay!5 Sep 2022

Have you ever needed to get your car fixed but been a bit strapped for cash?
It's a pretty common problem, and one we'd like to help solve!

That's why we've added Afterpay to our toolbox of payment options. Afterpay takes the pinch out of paying for your European car repairs by splitting the payment in to 4 bite sized chunks. Imagine you get a bill for $100, Afterpay will allow you to pay $25 immediately, and the rest in fortnightly instalments of $25 each. Easy.

Need to split the payment so some is on Afterpay and some is immediately? No problem please ask our staff and we will be happy to accommodate this option.

To learn more please have a chat to one of friendly staff or head to the Afterpay Website

Need another payment option?
We also accept credit card, bank deposit (before pickup), & mechanical insurance.