Pauline Paterson


Admin Manager

Pauline is a in-valuable member of SD european and been the glue in keeping everyone together and happy over the last 25 years of SD's operations. She's the one doing the processes, filling endless forms and chasing up all the naughty staff who haven't filled their latest Health and Safety report in time. Every place has a Pauline, and we're very lucky to have ours.

Here's a few points about Pauline to get to know her a little better:
First Car: Orange 2 door Toyota Corolla
Cats or Dogs?  First time in years that we have not had a dog and a couple of cats, But now we have Reece the yard cat since first lockdown
TV series currently watching?  1pm Covid announcements
Favourite Hobby or weekend activity?  Going Beach @ Whangamata , tramping with Phil and travelling when we are able. And upping my handcraft skills recently
Best part of your job? Fellow workmates
How did you get into Automotive industry? By chance, I started at SDE many moons ago – as we had dairy farm just across the Horotiu bridge.


Pauline Paterson