WOF Repairs

Did your BMW, Audi, Mercedes, Mini, Skoda or Volkswagen fail its WOF at a testing station or general garage?

We are BMW, Audi, Mercedes, Mini, Skoda and Volkwagen specialists and we do WOF work on these car brands every day and have parts stock on our shelves. This means we can get your car back on the road quickly and at a low cost, especially when compared to a OEM dealership.

Typical reasons why your car may have failed a WOF of which we can repair include:
Tyres worn or in bad condition, wheels out of alignment, Brake pads, un-equal brake pressure, brake hose leaking, suspension bushes, suspension control arms, window washers, window wipers, cracked windscreen, CV joint, CV bushes, wheel bearings, seatbelt fraying, faulty seatbelt, un-secured battery, exhaust leak, loud exhaust, un-secured exhaust, engine mounts faulty, headlights faulty, indicators faulty, bulb blown, door catch faulty, airbag light or SRS light, ABS light on dash, leaking fuel pipe, structural rust, excessive oil leak, ineffective shock absorbers, car too low.

For more information on WOF's from the NZTA website follow this link.

We're happy to book your BMW, Audi, Mercedes, Mini, Skoda or Volkswagen to repair any of the above failures for your WOF.

How to Book?
Simply get in touch (over phone or online) and we will book your car in for a time which bests suits you. When you come in on the arranged day, drop off your car and pickup one of our complimentary loan cars. You will need to then get your car re-checked by the same business which inspected it first.

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You DON'T have to pay dealership pricing! Independent specialists are equipped to do the same job, while leaving money in your wallet.



Put your trust in European car specialists with experienced technicians, tools, and computer diagnostics.


Courtesy Cars

Servicing your car should be easy. So you’ll get access one of our 11 courtesy cars ready to go.  T & C's for more.



As one of NZ’s largest Euro parts suppliers, we’ll get your car can get back on the road quickly, with parts off our shelves.



  • How do I book in?

    Booking in is quick and simple - either ring us up, or book online through out Online Booking page. Both options only take a minute to complete.

  • Do I need to book?

    In most cases we require that you book before coming in. If you have a light on the dash, or require a quick diagnostic scan however, you can just come in and ask us to have a quick look without a booking.

  • What service option should I get?

    That depends on your budget. If you can afford it, always go for the Euro Comprehensive service option. This is because it is a much more comprehensive check of the vital safety and reliability functions of your car.

  • What brands do you work on?

    We limit our specialties to 6 brands; BMW, Mini, Audi, Skoda, Volkswagen & Mercedes Benz. This is because German cars require a lot of specialist tools and knowledge, so we like to focus our resources on being experts of just these car brands.

  • What filters and oils do you use for your servicing?

    We use high quality tried and tested genuine or aftermarket filters in all of our servicing options. For oil we use Castrol oil, which will use a grade specific to your brand and model.

  • What happens if my car requires extra work or parts?

    During an inspecting of your car the mechanic may notice that there are problems or worn out parts which effect the safety or reliability of your car. In this case we will contact you immediately following the service with an explanation of the problems and an estimation of the cost to repair. If you authorise us to carry out the work, then we get it done as quickly as we can. Most the time we will have parts in stock to complete the work, and we try to get your car back to you the same day. We will never complete any additional work without getting your authorisation first.

  • Why should I service my car here vs a regular garage?

    There are a number of key reasons why you should service your car at a specialist garage such as SD European. Some of these points include: Specialist mechanics know the quirks and details of the specific brand/model very well, this means they are able to perform the mechanical work more efficiently and at a higher quality of work. Specialists have the correct tools and technical equipment to perform the job - there are a lot of specialist tools which regular garages don't have which means they have to do it the long way, hire in tools or outsource part of the job. Specialists have your cars special filters and correct oil requirements on hand and ready to go which means they can have a quick turnaround. Specialists also have a lot of experience with common problems on that particular car make/model so they are much quicker at diagnosing a fault of problem.

  • Can I wait on site while my cars being worked on?

    Yes! If your car is just getting a small amount of work like a WOF and you'd like to wait, then please let our reception know before you arrive so they can get onto your car right away. While waiting you can enjoy our customer lounge with WIFI, power points, TV and tables / chairs.

  • Do you work on Electric Vehicles (EV's)?

    Yes! We have the tools and equipment to service petrol, diesel and electric powered versions of BMW, Mini, Audi, VW, Skoda & Mercedes Benz.

  • Do you work on Commercial & Fleet vehicles?

    YES! We have a huge 6.3 tonne hoist, and specialist equipment to service and repair your commercials or fleet vehicles such as Volkswagen Amarok, Volkswagen Crafter, Volkswagen Transporter T5, Mercedes Sprinter and Mercedes X-Class.


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